Luxury Marble Door Handle | White/Champagne

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Lock Types: Passage
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The Modern Marble Door Handle in White Champagne is a stunning addition to any home decor. The combination of a white handle and champagne-colored Marble knob creates an elegant and sophisticated look. The sleek design adds a modern touch, while the Marble knob provides a beautiful focal point. Crafted with attention to detail, this door handle is not only visually appealing but also functional. The ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy to open and close doors effortlessly. The high-quality materials used in its construction guarantee durability and long-lasting performance. The white and champagne color palette lends itself well to a variety of interior styles, from contemporary to traditional. Whether used in bedrooms, bathrooms, or other living spaces, this door handle effortlessly elevates the overall aesthetic. Installation is simple and straightforward, and all necessary hardware is included. With its stylish design and exceptional craftsmanship, the Modern Marble Door Handle in White Champagne is a perfect choice for those seeking to enhance the elegance and allure of their living spaces.

Lock Types

Passage: Passage door handles & knobs are similar to dummy door handles & knobs. They don't lock but are used to open doors and go between rooms. Passage door handles & knobs are ideal for interior hallways, closets, and other rooms that don't need privacy locks. They're also called unkeyed door handles & knobs.

Passage WC: Passage WC is ideal for the bathroom or any room where is a requirement for the door to be locked. As far as their functionality, they are similar to passage lock type with an extra latch bolt that is locked or unlocked with a turn door handle or knob.

Privacy Pin: Privacy Pin Lock Types do have a pin/button that will lock the door handle & knob in place until turning the lever, which releases the pin. It has a hole on the outside where you can insert a generic tool, or a pin, to pop open the lock.

For further technical details on all these three lock types please review the specification sheet below.


Length: 5.5 inches
Width: 1.9 inches
Height-depth: 2.5 inches
Material: Brass/Marble

Customer Reviews

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